Assign Tasks to Guardians
Outsource Babysitting
Engage with new Parents Community
A learning resource for Parenting

Split tasks with your partner.

Schedule important events and assign frequently occurring tasks by connecting with the nannies to ensure all your child's needs are met on time.

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Outsource your parenting tasks and duties.

Find a nanny at the tap of a single touch, right from options available to customized options based on your filters, find the perfect nanny for your child. Amae will automatically find the nannies closest to your house first.

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A learning resource for parenting.

With our learn feature, you never have to look for relevant parenting information on a dozen different sources. Articles, discussions, feedback and more valuable child-rearing information is available right at your fingetips with Amae.

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Stay in Touch with other Parents, Family & Nannies

Stay in Touch with other Parents, Family & Nannies. Get some facetime with your kids while you are at work. Get updates from your nanny as they watch your child.

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Our Process

Our Design went through many stages. We started our process by selecting a domain of interest. Once we settled on the domain, we began by conducting research. In the next step, we condensed the results into tangible design artifacts. Using those artifacts as a reference, we then started designing for our audience and their motivations, goals and frustrations. From there the process was very iterative, with testing and feedback from class guiding our iterations.

Why new Parents?

Early in our process we brainstormed possible domains. Once a domain was found, we started the succeeding design process by informing ourselves through primary and secondary research.

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UI and Goal

To better help understand our users, we created design personas, scenarios and user journey maps. These artifacts condense the raw data we gathered through our research into a tangible summary.

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Style Guide

Styleguides are very valuable for consistency. Our styleguide defines our visual design language, including colors, typefaces, and layouts, such as components and modules.

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Feedback & Iteration

Design is an iterative process - you can't get it all right on the first try. Our design went through many cycles, each time considering new external feedback from instructors and user testers.

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