Introducing Chat

Stay in Touch with other Parents, Family & Nannies. Get some facetime with your kids while you are at work. Get updates from your nanny as they watch your child.

Stay in Touch with Parents, Family & Nannies

The chat feature allows for enhanced integration within the app where the parent can stay in touch/ delegate tasks to other parents, families and Nannies. This integration allows the parent to spend less time on different communication channel while spending more time with their child.

See your kids in Real Time

Keep an eye on your loved ones; in real time while you are at work or far away from home, this reliable video calling feature will ensure the parent to feel safe while staying in touch with the nanny in the situation where the nanny is having some trouble with the kid.

Ease of Booking

Booking a nanny is simpler than ever! With a single tap, view the nannies closest to you, with their availability and ratings. Use the chat features to assign tasks to them and get instant notifications once a task is complete. Simplified ease of booking for you to worry less and spend more time with your child instead.